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Angel the Series - Faith
 Wow, I didn't know how long it had been since I posted last. I have been dealing with life. Family, friends, work, school and of course love. Life got so much more complicated when I got back from my trip. I was only gone for three weeks, but I wish I could have stayed there longer. It was amazing. But things were really different back a home before I even got there. Things changed even more soon after I got returned. Soon after returning, I got a job. It was a great thing I got it, otherwise I would have been stuck at home with my mother. After that I meet someone. He was charming, funny, and we just clicked. Things got difficult after that. We had spoken every day, then it just stopped. I was busy working and he was busy with classes and work. It had been a week and I hadn't even realized I didn't hear from him in that time. I texted him, he was busy. I did the same the next day, he was busy. It has been a month and a half since I have spoken to him now. He doesn't call or text anymore. And he doesn't respond when I try. I also have family issues. My cousin and her ex-husband keep putting me in the middle of their problems. My sister is nutty. My mom is crazy. And I get to deal with it all. It's life Amazing!


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